• Welcome

    Marie Claire Rooms are located in the most beautiful spot of Aegina, Agia Marina.

  • Accommodation

    We provide, furnished double , triple and quadruple rooms with kitchen, TV, air-condition, Internet & large pool.

  • Amenities

    Spend relaxing moments in porch of every room, enjoying your coffee or a drink.

  • Playground

    Let your children play in the playground surrounded by the nature giving them a unique experience.

We will be glad to answer any question and give you more information about your stay, and our prices. Fill out the form below or contact us by phone at 22970-32630 & 6977247423.


Marie Claire Rooms

Tsirikos Antonis
Agia Marina,Aegina
Postal: 18010
Tel: 22970-32630
Mob: 6977247423